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Rocking Asian fusion since 1979. Eats and Tweets

a rather unusual chinaman


London Restaurant Blogger and Food Photographer and Wayfarer Enthusiast.

London Eater



Food. Drink. Swears. South East London. That kind of thing.


Hollow legs



Food blogger, Londoner, blagger, freeloader and timewaster


Cheese and Biscuits


Charity fundraiser by day, fashionisto, restaurant blogger & gay icon by night. OFFICIALLY The Gayest Man On Twitter (TM) & possibly in London.

12.5 percent


I am inspired by food, wine & travel; I created Laissez Fare to record my experiences and thoughts about the places I've visited and the things I've tasted.

laissez fare



Eat. Sleep. Repeat.


Tamarind and thyme



It's a kind of database, kind of review site, used for documenting interesting places in London. Our major obsessions are pubs, restaurants, cafes, bookshops .....


Randomness Guide to London


Critic. author. host. follows the food scene by day. leads food events by night.

young and foodish

@HappyProjectL DN

A journey to the smiley side of London life (food,drink,music,theatre,yoga,dance,volu nteering,happiness).

The happiness project london


I love taking long, romantic walks to the fridge...

The catty life


Half of the blogging crew and Next Iron Chef judge

dos hermanos


Australian journalist living in London and constantly on a search for my next great meal. Obsessed with food.

Gourmet chick


A husband and wife team with a passsion for annd experience of the food and drink industry.We seek out the best of what London and the UK at large has to offer.

The critical couple


Exploring the city of smoke bit by bit, eating my way through....

London Chow


They named a cheese after me . New Media + Food & Wine Entrepreneur by day, @Gastro1 Blogger by night.

The epicurean


I am from Austria, living in London and love food and writing about it.

hungry in london


Social media strategist at, foodie at and social media blogger at

Om nom london


sharing my cooking, eating out and travelling experiences on my blog.

Mr foodie


Freelance food writer / full-time eater. Inconspicuous restaurant reviewer for Time Out London and now media navel gazer at SOAS.



I travel..I eat..I travel to eat...

From Chopstix 2 steaknives



Reviews of London's premier steak restaurants in search of London's best steak!

The Cow Club Council

London Restaurant Reviews.

In the list below we show the top Food Bloggers who write London Restaurant Reviews. Our latest review of Bollywood Bitesized  comes from blogger thischarmingham