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Tinned Tomatoes

Jacqueline serves up vegetarian food that everyone can enjoy. She has a bit of a sweet tooth, so there is a good selection of cakes, cookies and desserts to choose from. The monthly soup and salad challenge 'No Croutons Required' is also hosted here. It is a great foodie resource, with hundreds of imaginative soup and salad recipes, categorised by ingredient.

twitter: @tinnedtoms

The Larder

Writing and musing about all that is delicious, The Larder is a product of a huge appetite and the need talk about it.  Based in the wee city of Stirling in central Scotland and employed as a very serious Catering Manager for a brilliant arts venue. Content is motivated by mood, which is often motivated by the time of year so the seasonality of food is embraced wholeheartedly, as is anything that is remotely yummy. Good, simple food to share with the friends and family

twitter: @thelarderblog

Please Do Not Feed The Animals


I am a hungry Aberdonian Mum trying to pass on my love of food to my kids.

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